Voxel Axioms

For scientific data and text processing I consider working according to the following keywords and phrases as indispensable. I call them "voxel axioms".

A – Automatism

In case of doubt, automation - and thus profitability in terms of text production - should be given priority over other aspects. This does not mean that other parameters (aesthetics, etc.) are to be neglected, but can only be taken into account at a lower level.

E – Efficency

Both the transfer steps as well as the code and the processing options should be designed as efficiently as possible. The rule KISS will be applied: Keep It Simple, Stupid.

I – Interoperability

Connectivity and integrability from and to other programs and data sets should be made possible.

O – Open Access|Source

The final publication products are barrier-free and available online free of charge. In addition, the scripts and migration steps are transparent and are considered to be open source - under a specific license.

U – Usability

Handling of all the files should be as simple and comprehensible as possible. A documentation is indispensable for this, which explains both the operation by the user and the code used in the background for developers.